In One Evening, Ecommerce Millionaire Andrew Tan Reveals How You Can Make Your First $10,000 On Qoo10 And Lazada

...without buying a single stock
...without any computer skills
...without having to work long hours

...Using his multi award winning “Ecommerce Freedom
Maker” Profit-Making Powerseller System


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He has already shown thousands of Singaporeans since 2011 a radically new way to source red-hot products… sell HIGH on Qoo10 & Lazada, collect the money before having to purchase a single inventory.

And he’s willing to reveal this to you - face to face - completely FREE!

Dear Singaporean,

This is your personal invitation to this free 3-hour “Ecommerce Freedom Maker Seminar”. It is given by Singapore’s leading authority in the field of online retail ecommerce, Mr. Andrew Tan.

Mr. Andrew Tan has been researching into online ecommerce since 2007. Over the course of 8 long years, he has put up as much as $100,000 of his own money to conduct “experiments”... where he tested 100+ different products on Qoo10 & Lazada marketplace to find answers to these very important questions ---

  1. How to eliminate guessing… to find profitable products with minimum or zero competition to sell on Qoo10?
  2. How to find really ‘cheap’ yet high quality products without flying to China?
  3. And most importantly --- How can anyone start a Qoo10 business in one evening without buying a single stock?

And in 2012, Mr. Andrew Tan finally found the “Ecommerce Freedom Maker Formula”. A formula that took him from 0 to 5 figures in 6 months… and very quickly… 0 to 6 figures in 9 months.

Today, the Ecommerce Freedom Maker Formula is a tested-and-proven methodology that enables any SINGAPOREAN to start making a living selling on Qoo10… even if they had no prior experience… and without having to put any money down… until the orders start flooding in.

Andrew Tan’s “Ecommerce Freedom Maker Formula” Has Since Helped Many Singaporeans Out Of The Rat Race.... Winning Him Many Accolades

David attended Andrew Tan's first Qoo10 Freedom Maker seminar. He was a late starter but he successfully sold a simple day-to-day item on Qoo10 just by running a simple promotion strategy taught by Andrew. This one item generated David a 5-figure income in just 1 month. And now David is a top power seller in Qoo10.

Then there was Jessica Ong who was in her late 40s who frequents beauty and spa treatments. After attending the Qoo10 Freedom Maker seminar, she went to the Spa owner and offer to list their products on Qoo10… that single 15 minute work made her $2,500 in the first month.

In 2014, 2015, Andrew Tan’s Ecommerce Freedom Maker Formula was also awarded the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, the prestigious Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise Award and Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise Award.

The “Ecommerce Freedom Maker Formula” Is Designed For The Busy Singaporean To Make A Full-Time Living Online

Here’s What You’ll Learn By The End Of Your Free Seminar

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And then there was Wee Seong who was down to his last credit card spending. Despite his tight finances, he still went ahead with Andrew Tan’s formula and launched his Qoo10 business. That was 2 years ago, today, Wee Seong is making $30,000/month.

Andrew is very knowledgeable, a practical and no-nonsense trainer. He shares generously and makes challenging topics interesting and easy to understand. Listen to him and follow his step-by-step methodologies. They really work and you will start earning money soon

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